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This website was created by Anthony Huyghebaert, Web Designer at Agence Tournant, and Maryse Laloux, maryse@laloux.nom.fr

Special thanks to all who contributed one way or another to this site:
and especially to Dan, Chris, Matt & Trevor from The Servant for their support, kindness, patience, generosity and, of course, fantastic music,

to Manu, my hubby, for the hundreds of photos he’s taken and for never failing to give me a helping hand,

to Anthony Huyghebaert at www.tournant.com for helping me design this site,

to Lucie Yeung for sharing her films,

to Chris Plummer, Romain Massola, Valentina Sicari, Marina Lainé, Amandine Eap, Laetitia Pereira, Stéphanie Simon, Annabelle Blanchard and Mané for sharing their exclusive photos and vids with me,

to Annabelle Blanchard for her beautiful drawings,

to Olivier and RECALL for the regular updates,

and to Pa, Bernard, Hubert, Simon, Karen, Mark and Michael for their kindness and help.

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