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Links to web sites devoted to The Servant and their members
Dan Black, http://www.dan-black.com
Marietto's website, http://www.neneh-cherry.it/servant/ (a collector's website)

Links to web sites showing pictures
-- of The Servant
from Festival Bar, Sicily, 18 June 04
http://www.festivalbar.it/backstage/artista.php?nome_artista=The+Servant (photos + 4 live video bits)
http://www.festivalbar.it/backstage/foto_artista.php?id=11492 (22 photos)
by Robert GIL, Furia Sound Festival, Cergy-Pontoise, 26 June 05
by Zicline, Foire Aux Vins, Colmar, France, 16 Aug.05
-- of Dan Black
from Festival Bar, Italy

Links to web sites devoted to music

ILLICO!, http://www.illicomag.fr  (a French Webzine)

Soit dit en Passant, http://www.soitditenpassant.com/  (a French website devoted to good music - lots of CD reviews, interviews, concert write-ups, online radio, etc... - loads of great stuff!)

Link to my web site dedicated to Blur
All I Want is... Blur, blur-fan.fr

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