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Links to web sites devoted to The Servant and their members

My Yahoo! group dedicated to The Servant
(the place to get updates and discuss things related to the band)

Dan Black, http://www.dan-black.com
Marietto's website, http://www.neneh-cherry.it/servant/ (a collector's website)

Links to web sites showing pictures
-- of The Servant
from Festival Bar, Sicily, 18 June 04
http://www.festivalbar.it/backstage/artista.php?nome_artista=The+Servant (photos + 4 live video bits)
http://www.festivalbar.it/backstage/foto_artista.php?id=11492 (22 photos)
by Robert GIL, Furia Sound Festival, Cergy-Pontoise, 26 June 05
by L.Hini, Solidays, Paris, 9 July 05 http://www.tasteofindie.com/concert-458-The_Servant.html
by Zicline, Foire Aux Vins, Colmar, France, 16 Aug.05
-- of Dan Black
from Festival Bar, Italy

Links to web sites devoted to music

ILLICO!, http://www.illicomag.fr  (a French Webzine)

Soit dit en Passant, http://www.soitditenpassant.com/  (a French website devoted to good music - lots of CD reviews, interviews, concert write-ups, online radio, etc... - loads of great stuff!)

Link to my web site dedicated to Blur
All I Want is... Blur, blur-fan.fr

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