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Hôtel Martinez, Cannes, France, 22 January 2005
Liquefy - Orchestra - Body - I Can Walk - Cells

The best part of my day in Cannes was undoubtedly the two and a half songs in the hotel room (Hotel Martinez on La Croisette). No amplifiers, just Dan and Chris sitting on the bed two or three meters from us with their guitars, a few people sitting on a sofa and armchairs, others standing and Annabelle and I sitting on the floor. We watched and listened intently. There wasn't the slightest noise from the small audience, as the songs were being recorded for the radio. The light was dim. Dan & Chris sang into recording mikes. They played the best rendition of "I Can Walk in your Mind" that I've ever heard. The song had a much slower tempo than usual. Dan sang very softly and emotionally, sometimes whispering the words, eyes closed. His face was that of an angel -- looking very sentimental, with light and delicate facial expressions. He was as moving and beautiful as the song itself. Then they played "Cells," one of my favorite songs. They seldom play its acoustic version so it was really a piece of luck. Merci Dan & Chris. :-)

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