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Arthur, Europe 2, Paris, 14 December 2004
Orchestra, Liquefy (acoustic)

14 December 2004
My friend Marina and I went to Paris today to see The Servant. We arrived at 1:40 at Studios SFP where the 20h10 pétantes TV show was to be recorded. [...] When the TV show finished taping, we got back in our car and headed for Europe 2 on rue François 1er, arriving just in time to watch them play an acoustic version of "Liquefy" (We missed the acoustic version of “Orchestra”). We managed a 5-10 minute chat. Blah blah blah in a rush. Then they collected their guitars and rushed to their van. Matt and Trevor had a train to London to catch and Dan a flight. Rush rush and bye bye!

Matt, Trevor, Chris, Dan & Maryse on rue François 1er, Paris
filmed by Marina

Check out http://planetearthur.free.fr/ for MP3s of "Orchestra" and "Liquefy".

Check out these two links to views pix from the Europe2 website:


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