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L’Escapade, Hénin-Beaumont, France, 26 October 2004
Cells – I Can Walk – Conversation – Beautiful Thing – Biro – Glowing Logos – Jack The Ripper – New Song – Body – Orchestra – Liquefy – Jesus Says – Not Scared – Devil

I arrived at the venue at 1:30. The weather being sunny, I stayed outside a while and watched Chris & Trevor play football and then Chris, Matt & Tony (the bus driver) shoot at each other with toy guns. When Dan walked past from the bus to the venue for a shower, I shot him with Matt’s toy gun! Bang, Dan! Ha ha ha!
Soundcheck from 2:30 to 4:
Stop Breakin’ Down Blues (a Robert Johnson song)
I Can Walk (same melody but completely different singing & lyrics – Dan seems to enjoy making lyrics up as he is singing)
They also rehearsed 3 new songs « new song #1 », « new song # 2 » and « Get Down » which, I think, sounds very good live.
This was followed with a talk with Dan (we had a few things to talk about), my interviewing Bernard, dinner at a “bistrot” in the town center and the gig of course.  

L’Escapade, capacity: 500 people (sold out)
Again, it was excellent. My highlights: Dan’s smile throughout the show, the new song with Dan on his beautiful brand new Fender Stratocaster, the audience’s response and my students’ very positive comments after the show.

listen to songs from The Servant's concert in Hénin-Beaumont
Beautiful Thing
Glowing Logos



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