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concert privé Radio Le Mouv', Maison de Radio France, Paris, 25 February 2005
Cells - I Can Walk In Your Mind - Conversation - Beautiful Thing - Jack The Ripper - Biro - Body - Orchestra - Liquefy - Jesus Says - Devil - Glowing Logos

Audience: 250
Concert Length: 55 mins.

The Radio Le Mouv' gig was probably the most overheated Servant gig I've attended so far. The Servant were playing and recording for a radio station. There were 250 seats in the auditorium used for hosting the lucky radio competition winners.

After pogoing to Deportivo, the support band, everyone went back to their seats. The nano-second The Servant were announced, a tsunami of girls rushed to the front of the stage. Er, well, to be accurate, there WAS no stage as such. Chris, Dan and Matt were standing on the same level as the audience, with Trevor sitting behind his drum-kit on a raised platform behind them. There was no barrier. So the front line of girls (yes, GIRLS) was standing just behind Dan's mike and the monitors facing Chris and Matt. Really, people couldn't have been any closer to the band. In fact, the first line of girls was standing so close to Dan - stepping on his mike stand and the electricity cables - that they were regularly asked to move back.

The music was quite good but Dan clearly stole the show by driving all the girls crazy. They went mental every time Dan looked at them and Dan, amused by the girls' reaction, played right along. The girls would scream his name, reach for him, fall on his neck, touch him, kiss him, lick him!!! Dan, wickedly seductive, would keep playing with the girls, tease them, charm them, coax them, kindle them, stretch out his hand to them, wink at them, make eyes at them, blow them kisses, stroke their faces, and even once threw himself into the crowd, being groped all over - oh well, nearly! :-) Dan, the absolute star of the evening, played his role as a front-man 100% to everyone's delight.

My highlights:

- On the intro to Devil, Dan went up to a raised floor, faced the audience, arms stretched out, mouth wide open, eyes bulging, giving us a menacing look and a scary grimace – he looked utterly devilish. Wicked!
- Jesus Says was just as evil!
- Dan being hyper sexy on Jack The Ripper and quite risqué on “I can touch you where your boyfriend doesn't find” :-0!!!!!
Chris’s staggering guitar playing, particularly on Conversation, Glowing Logos and Devil.

If Dan’s next song has lines that go ‘a sea of hands reaching for my body, a thousand hands stroking my body’, well, you’ll know where the inspiration came from ;-)


songs played during sound-check:
-         a bluesy “Coochie Coochie song” which I didn’t recognize – could it be a new Servant song?
-         David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel”
-         Jack The Ripper
-         Beautiful Thing
-         Orchestra (with a dance beat on the first verse and electronica on the chorus)
-         Conversation
-         Jesus Says
-         I Can Walk In Your Mind
-         Body


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