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Le Splendid, Lille, France, 27 October 2004
Cells – I Can Walk – Conversation – Beautiful Thing – Biro – Glowing Logos – Jack The Ripper – New Song – Body – Orchestra – Liquefy – Jesus Says – Not Scared – Devil

The band got back from Paris around 4. Dan was dead tired (didn’t get enough sleep again the night before, had to get up early, at 6 precisely, to catch a train at 8 for Paris where they had a TV show, had a backache because of a muscle pulled during the goddamn TV show). After filling their stomachs with some cold vegetables, quiche and chicken, the band did the sound-check:
Bob Dylan’s Queen Jane Approximately, “New song”, Orchestra, Jack The Ripper, intro to I Can Walk, Not Scared (Just Chris on 12 strings) and lots of technical problems to solve.

Le Splendid, capacity: 900 people
Same set-list as the night before in Hénin-Beaumont. The show again went very well, though I could tell Dan wasn’t quite as fit as the night before. My highlights: “New Song” definitely, Dan’s kindness to the audience (Yes yes Dan, your French IS getting better and better).

I’m happy to have spent some time with Dan, Chris, Matt, Trevor and the crew. The more I get to know them, the more I realize what fantastic people they all are.

listen to songs from The Servant's concert at Le Splendid, Lille, 27 Oct 04
I Can Walk in your Mind
Jack The Ripper

Dan trying to relieve back pain

Dan's "lady"

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