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Olympia, Paris, France, 11 April 2005
Cells (strings) - Conversation - Beautiful Thing - Sancho Panza - Body (strings) - Jack The Ripper - Devil - Lou Reed - I Can Walk - Liquefy - Jesus Says --- Not Scared (strings) - Orchestra - Glowing Logos (strings) - Biro

A special bonus for the Olympia show: a strings section comprising three girls on electric violins - a superb addition to Cells, Body, Not Scared and Glowing Logos.

Great music, talented & joyful musicians, a hyperactive, sexy and loquacious Dan Black, superb lights, and a very good, responsive audience.

my highlights:
Not Scared with just Chris on 12 strings + Dan on vocals + strings = ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL
Lou Reed -- I love the spleen in the music and Dan's irresistible vocals, especially when he goes "Hey! Lou Reed, do you hear me?" in a very high-pitched voice - gee! might eventually make me cry! - not to mention the guitar solo at the end - a breathtakingly-splendid song
Sancho Panza -- again fantastic guitars, superb high-pitched vocals and super cool tempo! Just magnificent!
Jack The Ripper & Body -- Dan was unsurprisingly sexy! TOP TOP!
Devil, Jesus Says, Biro, Orchestra -- so much energy on stage!
Liquefy -- great audience participation - really nice!
Oh, and Chris's superb guitars on ALL the songs, Trevor's tight drummer and Matt's groovy bass lines.

With 2,100 punters gathering at the legendary Olympia theatre to applaud the Servant and bringing the house down, this show is a terrific success for the band. Dan, Chris, Trevor and Matt can be proud of themselves. Long live The Servant!

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