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FNAC Forum, Paris, France, 4 November 2004
Cells - I Can Walk - Body - Liquefy - Orchestra - Jesus Says

I got to FNAC Forum at 3:30 . Met Stéphanie in the room next to the place where Dan & Chris were doing soundcheck. We attended the rest of sound-check and heard New song #2, I Can Walk, Liquefy and a tiny bit of Bob Dylan’s Queen Jane Ap. which prompted me to ask Dan if this was the only Dylan song he knew. :-) After sound-check, Dan, who had promised he’d give me an interview at Fnac Forum, suggested we do it now. Alright then. Chris was there too. About 10 minutes into the interview, I realized my MD had stopped. F**k! Luckily it recorded the rest of the interview alright.
I enjoyed the acoustic set very much.  They played Cells, I Can Walk, Body, Liquefy, Orchestra with Dan on 6 strings and Chris on 12 strings. They swapped guitars for the last song, Jesus Says. Dan sang the songs in a softer way than at the showcase I attended in Lille earlier this year and I liked it even more. What else? Oh! Dan was wearing brand new shoes with black & white checks! Very nice! Now I’m tired and ready for my bed. If all goes well, I should be interviewing Graham Coxon tomorrow. I hope he’ll be as nice as the Servant guys always are.

The interview is in the interview section.

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