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Concert privé oui fm, Nouveau Casino, Paris, 18 October 2004
Cells – I Can Walk – Conversation – Beautiful Thing – Biro - Glowing Logos – Jack The Ripper – Body – Orchestra – Liquefy – Jesus Says – Not Scared – Devil

« Grandiose! » I heard a journalist say after last night’s show! And yeah, it was really good! Much better than I’d expected, to be honest. It being the opening show of a long tour, I expected more of a public rehearsal. Wow, was I wrong! The show ran smoothly; obviously they've been working hard. Dan's voice was flawless - he was singing on the radio, after all - and Trevor, Chris and Matt played brilliantly. Matt and Chris's stage presence was more glowing than ever, Chris played some superb guitar solos and Dan impressed all the girls and boys with his devilish flicks of the tongue, suggestive hand gestures, sexy hip-swiveling and other frenzied body movements. Hou la la!

The show took place in a small club-like venue, packed with Servant fans and media people. The stage was tiny, and Dan didn't have much space to jump around. He showed off his new haircut, and he was wearing a checkered black& white T-shirt, jeans and flower-patterned Vans shoes. Matt sported a new hat and a pink shirt.

My highlights:
Orchestra (with the whole of Nouveau Casino singing along)
Jesus Says
Body (very emotional)
Jack The Ripper
Not Scared (acoustic by Chris & Dan)

listen to songs from The Servant's very good gig at Nouveau Casino
Not Scared, Terrified

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