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Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France, 25 November 2004
Cells – I Can Walk – Conversation – Beautiful Thing – Biro – Glowing Logos – Jack The Ripper – Sancho Panzer – Body – Orchestra – Liquefy – Jesus Says – Not Scared – Devil

Incredibly good gig at l'Elysée Montmartre, especially considering that half the band's members were ill. All afternoon everyone spoke of how dreadfully ill Dan was, the medicine he had to take and what a very bad day it was for your favorite singer. Chris had the flu and wasn't doing well either. With the tour coming to an end, the nonstop activity is taking its toll. They all need to go back home now and rest.
There were no big surprises in the set-list until one actually READS it.
You'll have noticed that the song formerly known as "New Song" now has a name. Is it a temporary name?  I don't know.
Best memories for me:
- Dan's face starting to light up after a few songs
- Dan getting damned suggestive on "I can touch you where your boyfriend cannot find" :-) Hou la la!!!
- Dan going crazy on Jack The Ripper
- The new words on Sancho Panzer (Dan did say before singing the song that its lyrics were not finished and that he might make them up while singing)
- Dan's little guitar-riffer's act on his Stratocaster on Sancho Panzer
- Dan declaring his love to France in French saying "Quelle année pour nous ! Ca a été une année incroyable ! Et pourquoi ? Grâce à vous ! Merci ! Merci !" ("What a year for us! It's been an incredible year! And why? Because of you! Thank you!  Thank you!")
- Chris's brilliant guitar-playing (as always) with dazzling riffs on Cells, Conversation, Glowing Logos, Orchestra, Jesus Says, Devil, and, oh well, all the songs actually!
- Matt’s superb bass-lines on Beautiful Thing, Jesus Says and Devil.
- AND the excellent participation and singing of the audience on ALL the songs. Great crowd in Paris last night. I felt proud of my fellow French yesterday.

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