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Solidays, Paris, France, 11 July 2004
Devil - Jack The Ripper - Beautiful Thing - Conversation - I Can Walk in your Mind - Century's Time - Biro - Orchestra - Liquefy - Body - Cells - Jesus Says - Glowing Logos

- Sweet Matt chose to have breakfast at our small table, the rest of the band and two roadies having theirs next to us. Poor Dan looked knackered (not enough sleep he said). How does this man still manage to look pretty even when he is like a zombie? :-)
- took forever to get to the Solidays festival site but we made it in time for The Servant
- awesome concert again. Same setlist as in Châlons-en-Champagne the night before minus the encore.
- collected my MD at the soundboard and rushed to the media area where I was to interview the band
- very relaxed and pleasant interview of four affable and playful guys
- photo shoot outside, rather serious at first, then wild when a photographer asked them to jump - Trevor jumped on top of Dan's back and they all acted crazy!!
- gave Dan a CD of the La Cigale recording
- Chris, Matt and Trevor went their way
- asked Dan if he could have a look at the lyrics of Brand New Lover
- thanked Dan, kissed him goodbye and he said: "Hey, where is your family?" - "back in the interview area," I replied. "Oh, we didn't say goodbye!" so he went back to the interview area, asked my husband when we would meet again, gave him a friendly handshake and my daughter a kiss and then went his way.

You know how human memory tends to forget things with time, don't you? One thing I am 100% sure I will not forget is Dan's reaction when he realized he hadn't said a proper goodbye to Manu & Eléonore. This minor detail speaks volume about how wonderful a person he is!

listen to songs from The Servant's brilliant performance at Solidays
Century's Time
Jesus Says

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