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FNAC Forum, Paris, France, 22 October 2005

Unplugged versions of Servant songs can be magical. Some of my fondest live Servant memories, in fact, are acoustic ones:
- Fac Catho, Lille, 29 Nov 04: sitting in silence in the band's dressing room, watching Dan play with new songs on his acoustic guitar,
- the heart-breaking acoustic version of I Can Walk In Your Mind that was performed at Hotel Martinez, Cannes, 22 January 05,
- the poignant Lou Reed that moved me to tears at FNAC Forum, 22 October 05.
Those are wonderful moments I'll forever be grateful for.

At Fnac Forum, Dan and Chris played Bananas, I Can Walk In Your Mind, Lou Reed, Orchestra, Hey!, Liquefy and Body. What a treat it was to hear an acoustic version of their brand new song, Bananas! The audience took to the song instantly, clapping to the lively tempo as soon as it began. The performance got a lot of cheers. The slow, quiet version of I Can Walk In Your Mind that followed was sensual, moving and beautiful. Lou Reed was MAGNIFICENT through and through - slow, emotional, well-rounded and intense. Chris's rapid strumming at the end closed the song superbly. The slower versions of Orchestra, Liquefy and Body were superb. And how great it was to get to hear Hey!, yet another excellent new song! Dan's presence and vocals were absolutely amazing and Chris worked wonders at his 12-string guitar throughout the show. What an awesome team those two make! An unforgettable memory for me! :-)

No photographs from this show. Photos weren't allowed.

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